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Temporary Lane, Road and Sidewalk Closure

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    *Detour Plan Required (Traffic Control and Pedestrian Plan)

  3. The applicant is responsible for ensuring all traffic control installed within the public right-of-way shall meet the requirements set by the Town of Clayton Code of Ordinances, Chapter 11 of the NC Building Code, MUTCD, and 2018 NCDOT Standard Specifications and Details.

    This form must be completed and submitted no less than three business days prior to anticipated work for Town staff to review, approve, and notify affected citizens and emergency services. If sufficient notice is not provided, the Town of Clayton reserves the right to issue a stop work order or change the submitted schedule to allow for traffic flow and safety within the public right-of-way. The applicant will be notified via email of any required changes. No traffic control shall be installed within the public right-of-way until approval has been received by Town staff.

    Town staff will review the application and notify the applicant within 24 hours if the application is approved. For more info, contact Engineering & Inspections Services Coordinator at 919.359.9390 or at 

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