My dog is lost. What can I do?

Call Animal Control and surrounding animal shelters immediately to let them know. Provide them with a picture, information about your pet, and also let them know if your pet has been micro-chipped. Distributing flyers or posters in the area are a great idea. You can also post pictures, last seen location/time and contact information on websites and social media including the Triangle Lost Pets website and Facebook page, the Town of Clayton Facebook page, the Lost & Found Dogs – North Carolina Facebook page, Craigslist Lost & Found and forums like 40/42 Facebook page, or your neighborhood HOA’s member email list or social media page. If you micro-chip your pet, make sure your address and telephone numbers are kept current with your microchip company. Many people change numbers or move and forget to update this information and pets can’t be found!  A collar with current rabies tag and name tag is also a great way to get your pet back home safely.

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5. My dog is lost. What can I do?
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