Environmental Services

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The Town of Clayton's Engineering Department is at the forefront of environmental efforts, playing a pivotal role in safeguarding our community's wellbeing. Chapter 153A of the North Carolina General Statues has entrusted local government units with the vital responsibility of enacting regulations that promote the public health, safety and general welfare of our citizens. 

In alignment with this mandate, the Town of Clayton has taken proactive steps to address critical issues such as flood prevention and stormwater management. Our dedication to environmental stewardship is evident through the adoption of a local Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance. This serves as a testament to our commitment to minimizing the potential devastation caused by flooding events.


Stormwater management stands as a pivotal environmental factor within the purview of the Engineering Department. As a department charged with overseeing the planning and development of our town's infrastructure, it recognizes the profound impact that stormwater can exert on the environment. In a rapidly evolving urban landscape, the presence of impervious surfaces, intensified by population growth and development, accentuates the importance of effective stormwater management. 

As a department, these factors are addressed and in turn can have a positive effect on erosion, local ecosystems and water quality. The Engineering Department implements stormwater infrastructure and regulations to mitigate these environmental factors. This department serves as a steward of environmental sustainability, ensuring that the town's development occurs harmoniously with nature and minimizes its ecological footprint.